YA Series for Summer

We know the drill, summer comes around and you start scouring bookshelves for new series to read. Luckily for you, The Last Word has picked out some of the hottest YA series to help you spend your summer!


Passenger Series

Hailing from a family of time travelers, Etta Spencer gets thrown into an unfamiliar world where she meets Nicholas Carter who is tasked with delivering Etta to the dangerous and powerful Ironwood family. As they progress with their quest of finding the stolen object that the Ironwood family desperately desires, they discover exciting new places and find themselves amidst revolutionary wars, WWII London, 17th century Cambodia, 19th century Paris and medieval Damascus. The perilous journey brings the two closer and as they fit the puzzles of the stolen object across time and space, they face treacherous forces that threaten to separate her from Nicholas and her home.

Books in the series: Passenger, Wayfarer

bone season

The Bone Season trilogy

Paige Mahoney, a 19 year old girl in central London has a secret; she has a special talent for dream-walking and is one of the seven seals, a motley crew of people with supernatural powers.  Set in 2059 in a parallel England, the story narrates the clash between the ruling Scion republic and the clairvoyant individuals perceived to be a threat to order. Supernatural powers will get her in trouble and the Scion regime is savage in its treatment of the ‘unnaturals’. When she gets imprisoned by the Scion guards, she discovers a monstrous lie her world has been living.

Books in this series: The Bone Season, The Mime Order, The Song Rising

six of crows

Six of Crows duology

This fantasy duology follows a criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker who is promised a large sum of wealth in exchange for a seemingly impossible heist. In his effort to get the job done, he gets six of the deadliest outcasts in the city who together, are the last force that stands between the world and destruction.

Books in this series: Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom

red queen

The Red Queen trilogy

The world of Victoria Aveyard is divided along the lines of blood; red and silver. The sequel follows the life of Bare Marrow, a 17 year old Red blooded commoner with a destructive magical power who threatens the writ and hold of the Silver regime. Living in the Silver Palace as a long lost Silver princess, she enters a game of betrayal, lies and revolution.

Books in this series: Red Queen, Glass Sword, King’s Cage

dark days

Lady Helen Series

The Dark Days series is based on Lady Helen who steps into Regency Society to find herself a husband. Instead, she enters the shadowy world of demonic creatures and deadly powers. Helen has a destiny beyond the ballroom; a sacred duty to protect humanity. Duchess or demon slayer – does Lady Helen have a choice?

Books in this series: The Dark Days Club, The Dark Days Pact

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