Bears, bears everywhere!

Often furry and kind (if sometimes grumpy), The Last Word presents a wonderful selection of bear themed books to teach your child about family and growing up, accompanied by lovely illustrations and witty writing.

hide and scare bear300

The Hide and Scare Bear – Ivan Bates

A story featuring a bear who’s not very good- he doesn’t say please or thank you, he doesn’t think about others around him, and he picks his nose. Worst of all, he plays a game called hide and scare- jumping out and scaring all animals, both big and small as he roars and laughs at their fright. But as the animals agree that they have had enough of the bear and his antics, a brave rabbit decides that the bear is truly good and can be reformed. Colorful images, funny text and a cheerful rhyme make this the perfect book to teach children to be kind and polite while also ensuring a giggle. Sometimes, even the worst of people need a helpful word or suggestion- transforming our worst enemies to our best of friends.

where's my teddy300

Where’s My Teddy? – Jez Alborough

Freddie is lost deep in the dark and scary woods and worst of all, he’s lost his Teddy. Determined to find him, he sets off deeper and deeper in the woods. To his shock, he sees Teddy, only 30 times in size. He climbs up onto Teddy’s stomach, upset and wondering how he will cuddle with a bear that won’t even fit into his bed. However, when he hears the heavy sobs of an approaching gigantic bear, he knows he’s in for even more trouble… Told through descriptive text and beautiful watercolours, this is a heartwarming story on how even the largest of creatures appreciate their teddies- and how sometimes, mix ups can result in funny surprises.

one ted300

One Ted Falls Out Of Bed – Anna Currey

When one Teddy falls out of bed, he finds himself enjoying a night time adventure- while his friend continues to dream in bed. One, two, three, four, and five, Teddy flies through adventure after adventure- only to find himself missing his friend’s arms. And so his friends the trolls and mice and dolls help him find his way back to bed. A colorful story of night time adventure that helps your child learn to count to ten as you follow Teddy through a midnight adventure.

a brave bear300

A Brave Bear – Sean Taylor and Emily Hughes

Everything is hot and grumpy for the father and son pair of bears. As the two stumble across their jungle for sanctuary, they play and jump, the jumpiest bears in the world. Little Bear finds courage in himself as he follows his father, taking his steps on his own and discovers how glorious and hopeful a tomorrow can be. A poignant story about fatherhood and growing up, this gorgeously illustrated book is reminiscent of The Jungle Book and leaves the reader hopeful for a tomorrow as glowing as the one that awaits the bears.

the bear's surprise300

The Bear’s Surprise – Benjamin Chaud

Little Bear wakes up smiling to the smell of fresh flowers and spring. But where is Papa! Papa Bear is missing and Little Bear sets out to find him. We follow Little Bear through caves and pipes and circuses on his adventure through interactive cut outs in the page. The vivid images and text leave us suspenseful as we puzzle over where Papa Bear has gone. And who is this baby bear in Mama Bear’s arms? An interactive story that tells the tale of a family’s fun and adventure, Little Bear is reunited with his family with a new title by the end of the book.

the rainbow bear300

The Rainbow Bear – Michael Mopurgo

Life for the snow bear is going according to plan- he roams the Arctic and meets friends while swimming in the frozen sea. However when he meets a magical human, he finds himself with the power to ask his most desired wish: to be a rainbow bear, shedding rainbows as he slides across the icy slush. However, he soon learns that one should be careful what they wish for as his peaceful getaway becomes home to hordes of humans who come to ogle at him. He is eventually caged in a human zoo, looked at and prodded. A tale of equal parts environmental preservation and of being comfortable with the skin you’re in, the illustrations and words will capture a child’s interest to leave a strong message.

i love you already300

I Love You Already! – Jory John and Benj Davies

Sometimes, we make unlikely friends. Meet Bear, who enjoys peace and quiet, and prefers a quiet day to himself over having company. His neighbor, Duck, just wants Bear to love him and be his best friend. He wants to do things that regular friends do: like go for walks, and race, and juggle 5 apples. Bear isn’t having any of it and he settles grumpily into the walk. Dejectedly, Duck turns to walk away and Bear explains to Duck how sometimes, friends show their love in different ways. A giggle inducing tale about friendship and play, your child will enjoy their time, whether they identify more with Bear or Duck.

the bear who stared300

The Bear Who Stared – Duncan Beedie

This curious bear holds unintentional staring contests with all the animals in the jungle: with the ladybug family who scream at him to leave them alone, the mother bird who tells him to go shoo, and the angry badger who bites the poor bear on the nose. Then the shy bear meets the frog, who teaches him to smile instead. The world suddenly changes for the bear, who makes new friends all through the wood, even with those previously annoyed by him. Richly illustrated, The Bear Who Stared will bring a smile to anyone’s face.


GRRRRR! – Rob Biddulph

Every year, a best bear contest is held- where fish catching, hula hooping, human scaring and of course, roaring is tested. For the past 3 years, Fred has remained champion. He doesn’t have many friends, but he reckons he doesn’t need them anyway if he has his medals. However this year, there’s a new bear in town and a he’s a worthy competitor- and worse still, poor Fred has lost his roar! GRRRRR! is a heartwarming tale on the power of friendship and how winning isn’t always anything.

We hope you have a beary good time reading these!

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